A unique land


Sicily is a unique land. Its strategic position, in the center of the Mediterranean, its climate, its nature and its different landscapes have made it a land of conquest for many populations. Every settled people has left something to this land that today lives on innumerable traditions.

True testimonies that stand the test of time and can be admired more every day.

Sicily is a magical land where respect for nature gives wines of character.

A unique culture

In Sicily every event has a story behind it. The traditions are thousands of years old and are the result of many contaminations.


The Sicilian family has always been praised through cinema, painting, literature and art in general, the expression of a unique culture. Almost a sacredness for this institution, in first place for every self-respecting Sicilian.

A cult, a devotion that every member must respect and guard jealously. The family nucleus is the center of affections, it is the primary institution that gives a sense of belonging, a way of being.

A bond not only physical, blood, but also mental. In fact, the vision must be shared: this is how we become part of this nucleus which over time is strengthened and thanks to offspring extends to future generations.

Un piccolo mondo


The three historic Palermo markets are much more than places to shop. The market is a “human” micro-world where everyone plays a specific role.

The Capo market is located in the ancient Arab quarter of the “slaves”.

The Vucciria market – whose term derives from the French “boucherie” (butchery) – where meat was initially sold.

Finally Ballarò, whose name would derive from Bahlara, a village on the hills adjacent to Palermo, is the oldest and perhaps for this reason the most truthful.

Typical of the markets is the so-called “abbanniata“, that is, the way of screaming sellers in order to attract people’s attention. Each market is a maze of alleys and narrow streets where you are exalted for the smells, for the flavors of the specialties; history is observed, with the ancient noble palaces and baroque churches.

A small world, in fact, that inspires charm and that has something to be impressed with.

Society has always evolved in the name of mixing, of a multi-ethnic aggregation as old as time. All this took part in every aspect of social life: the market, religious holidays, gastronomy.