Montalto is Sicily

The story of Barone Montalto began in Santa Ninfa, in the province of Trapani, in 2000. There is one major feature making us different: the courage in putting in the public eye a strong and wealthy land for introducing its distinctive and authentic wines throughtout the world. Out constant passion has always been a core topic in our project. Montalto wines come from great tradition and young character and are admired by a more and more attentive audience of consumers. Barone Montalto has grown over the years, like our vineyards and the satisfaction of those who keep on choosing our wines with increasing fidelity. Winemaking is a noble and ancient art. To achieve this goal we have set up a team driven by passion for the land and respect for tradition but also open to innovations and ambitious to get always better with enthusiasm and professionalism.

Our intense and ambitious passion for this land represents our leading light for improving our commitment towards our project and family. Here we want to present to you our company and the people who have made it possible to have a story worth telling.


Barone Montalto strives every day to make a mark on the winemaking world. We believe this is only possible through reasearch, innovation, and a genuine commitment to quality.

Sicily is a strong and legendary land. Its climate, nature and winemaking experience make it unique for the viticulture. Indeed, it is the most important Italian wine producing region. Barone Montalto manages around 400 hectares of vineyards, some of which owned. The remaining parts are under the “Montalto quality protocol” which controls the quality of the grapes and guarantees a quality growth over the years. The majority of our vineyards, as well as our winery, are located in Santa Ninfa, in the hearth of the Belice Valley. The others are in the province of Agrigento, in the Valle dei Templi and in Noto (south-east of the Island).


Our winery is in Santa Ninfa, in the province of Trapani. It is equipped with facilities in full compliance with the most severe safety and quality regulations. In fact, our cellar is highly certified: besides other quality certificates we already had, in 2015 we were among the first wineries in Italy to receive the AA level of the BRC / GSF plus. Our winemakers’ laboratories are there too, where the winemaking, élèvage and maturation processes take place.

Barone Montalto produces authentic modern style wines with a Sicilian soul. Our wines are obtained thanks to a skillful selection of the grapes which aims to maintain the natural characteristics of the varietals aspects during vinification.

Passivento Method

Montalto is not just a bottle of wine, there is all Sicily inside.

The light breezes which blow between vine rows, gently caressing the grapes, together with the sun, water, soil characteristics and man’s knowledgeable contribution, are all fundamental elements in the quest for quality. Partial raisining of the fruit begins on the vine and is completed in special fruit drying cellars, where accurately regulated ventilation levels ensure that grapes achieve the perfect level of dehydration before pressing.


Passion, Spirit, Integrity


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