Vino Spumante Brut


Indigenous and international grape varieties

Area of ​​origin

. The soils are rich and alluvial based with a medium texture. They are composed of limestone, sand, and organic matter. From these soils you obtain wines that are elegant, full-bodied, balanced, and persistent.


This wine is made from the Martinotti Method, also known as Charmat, in which the fermentation takes place in stainless steel vats in order to preserve the natural aromas.

Tasting notes

This wine has a pale straw color and a delicate and persistent perlage. In the nose you find exotic citrus notes, which match the palate's crisp, fresh acidity.

Food pairings

This wine is so versatile you can enjoy it alone or paired with your favorite foods. Savory burgers, spicy curry, or prosciutto and melon make the perfect match for this one. Serve at 4-6°C

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